Friday, January 30, 2009

Online Certification Preparation for Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Technicians (MCDST)

Have you wanted to get a Microsoft certification that matches your current or desired job role? Why get a Microsoft certification now? 66% of managers believe that certifications improve the level of service offered to IT end users and customers. 75% of managers believe that certifications are important to team performance.

Have you delayed getting certified, because the preparation was too formidable? Now it can be easier with the online training programs available at LatitudeU. SkillSoft, a world leader in computer based learning, offers online certification preparation courses for Microsoft desktop certification. Skillsoft’s online training provides a more convenient, easier alternative to exam books or instructor led classes. Through our relationship with SkillSoft, we can provide individual access to their online certification preparation courses for the Microsoft desktop certification for only $99 each.

Microsoft certifications not only validate your real‑world skills, but they also provide you access to unique resources and offer a life-long career path for developing your computer learning. Earning the Microsoft Certified Desktop Support certification demonstrates your expertise with Microsoft Office applications, including Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook, and Microsoft Project.

SkillSoft’s online certification courses prepare users for Microsoft desktop certification testing as part of an IT professional’s career development. The Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Technician (MCDST) credential proves that you have the skills to successfully support end-users and to successfully troubleshoot desktop environments that are running the Microsoft Windows operating system.

Start preparing online for your MCDST certification.

SkillSoft’s online certification preparation courses for Microsoft desktop certifications include approximately 300 beginner, intermediated, and expert online training programs.

  • MicroSoft WORD 2002, 2003 & 2007
  • MicroSoft WORD 2003
  • MicroSoft WORD 2007
  • MicroSoft EXCEL 2002
  • MicroSoft EXCEL 2003
  • MicroSoft EXCEL 2007
  • MicroSoft POWERPOINT 2000
  • MicroSoft POWERPOINT 2002
  • MicroSoft POWERPOINT 2007
  • MicroSoft ACCESS 2000
  • MicroSoft ACCESS 2002
  • MicroSoft ACCESS 2003
  • MicroSoft ACCESS 2007
  • MicroSoft OFFICE 2000
  • MicroSoft OUTLOOK 2002
  • MicroSoft OUTLOOK 2003
  • MicroSoft PROJECT 2000
  • MicroSoft PROJECT 2002

Testing and certification is independent of these online certification preparation courses and provided directly by Microsoft.

Start preparing online for your MCDST certification.

Friday, January 23, 2009

LatitudeU Provides Skillsoft Online Training Courses for Microsoft and other Certifications

We are pleased to announce that LatitudeU has become a channel partner of SkillSoft PLC to provide Skillsoft’s online training courses. SkillSoft is providing LatitudeU’s members with over 3000 online training courses in many business and technical subject areas.

In becoming a partner with industry leader Skillsoft, we are making available highly reliable, proven and instantly accessible online courses and training programs used by many learning organizations around the world. The LatitudeU business model provides access to individual courses from SkillSoft without committing to any subscriptions, so you only pay for courses unique to your requirements.

Through LatitudeU, SkillSoft will provide online training to individuals and organizations for general studies and certification preparation. Online courses and certifications include Information Technologies, Desktop Technologies, Management Training, Sales and Marketing Training, Human Resources Training, Strategic Planning Training, Project Management Training, Six-Sigma and Lean Six-Sigma Training, Operations Management & ITIL Training, Team Building, Communications, Customer Service and Consulting Skills, plus many other career and job skills.

Additionally there are numerous online test and certification prep courses for:
  • Microsoft Desktop and IT Professional Certifications
  • Sun Microsystems Certifications
  • IBM Certifications
  • EMC Certifications
  • Oracle Certifications
  • Cisco Certifications
  • Linux Professional Institute (LPI)
  • IT Professional Certifications Check Point
  • CompTIA Certifications
  • CIW Professional IT Certifications
  • Human Resource Certification Institute
  • International Institute of Business Analysis
  • IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL Certifications)
  • Project Management Institute (PMI)
  • Six Sigma Blackbelt Certification (SSBB)
To access these and many other online training programs from SkillSoft on LatitudeU go to

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Expect More Business and Technical Skills Learning

All of us at LatitudeU hope you enjoyed a Happy Holiday Season and wish you a prosperous, healthy New Year. We thank you for your continued participation and bringing your friends and colleagues to our website. We have added many new features and will continue to add more capabilities to enrich and support your LatitudeU experience.

In 2009 LatitudeU is moving in a new direction that provides courses to enhance your work and your career. Based on feedback and additional research, LatitudeU will undergo a major change in content focus—from virtually all subjects to those related to Professional and Job Skills. With this change LatitudeU will dramatically and quickly expand our content offerings. We are in the process of bringing up thousands of new courses in technical, business and other job and professional skill development areas from some of the leading providers of e-earning in the world. You will start to see them this month. We are loading new courses just as fast as we can.

>> Please check often for all these new courses available in 2009. <<

With this new direction, some existing courses will be temporarily deactivated. LatitudeU apologizes for any inconvenience this causes to our members and ask for your continued good will. We feel the new courses will provide even greater value to the LatitudeU learning community. Edit: Previous course announcements related to these removed courses were also removed from this blog.

We are excited to announce that we are now adding 3200 courses from SkillSoft, the world’s largest provider of eLearning. In addition to SkillSoft’s courses, we are actively working with dozens of other e-learning providers that offer well over 20,000 additional courses. These courses cover a wide range of technical, business, organizational, communications, leadership, and other work-related skills and knowledge. The new professional and job skill courses will begin showing up in the second week of January with continuous additions.

Also coming soon: a subject index and curriculums. You asked us to provide capabilities that make it easier to find courses of interest. In the next few months, a subject index and curriculums feature will be added to LatitudeU, so you can browse through the catalog more efficiently. Of course, you can continue to search the catalog based on keywords.

LatitudeU welcomes your suggestions, requests, and other feedback. You can always contact us through our website or eMail our Director, David Burta at