Thursday, July 24, 2008

New PD Media Courses on! And, they're FREE!

One of our favorite FREE course providers, PD Media, is at it again, bringing a slew of new free courses to These are a great new addition to this course provider's already ample contribution! Since there are so many this time, I'll merely list them and a short blurb, but, please, feel free to check them out! They're well worth it!

FREE! A Study of Closing Costs for FHA Mortgages
Become a more educated mortgage consumer, particularly around the often confusing closing costs! This study presents findings on how much borrowers pay in closing costs when they buy a house, how much these costs vary, and factors to which the variation is related.

FREE! Earnings 10 Years After Graduation - Comparisons
People with a bachelor’s degree typically earn more and are unemployed less often than people without a degree. But that’s only part of the story. Earnings and employment vary by field of major, and they change over time.

FREE! Healthcare Jobs You Might Not Know About
The healthcare field is among the most popular fields of study for those entering the workforce. But there are many jobs that qualify as "healthcare" that most of us have not heard of. Find out about three of them here!

FREE! Working in Politics
Jobs in politics exist at all levels of government: Local, State, and Federal.If you elect to pursue a career in politics, you’ll need to learn more about your options. Here’s a good place to start.

FREE! Meet the 2008 Presidential Candidates!
Enjoy this short course which provides bios for both Senator John McCain and Senator Barack Obama. This course is designed to give you a quick overview of their background and public service. If you want more information, each candidate for President has issues information on their respective websites (links in the course). You are the one who has to decide, so make sure you are informed!

As always, look to PD Media and to help you navigate the wealth of information in the public domain!

Working in Retail? Take this Crime Prevention course from!

Has your retail outlet fallen prey to shoplifters, graffiti artists and the like? According to the National Retail Federation, this problem is only becoming more severe. What can we do to stop this wave of crime? Our self-employed course provider has developed this course to show retail employees how they can do their part to help stop crime.

Crime Prevention for Retail Employees
This course adresses topics spanning from managerial techniques to profiling possible shoplifters to tips on how to promote a theft-free culture. If you work in any sort of retail position, from clerk to manager, this course is sure to have invaluable information that can help you cut crime-related losses and foster a more trusting work environment.

In addition to this course for retail professionals, also hosts a score of other retail-themed courses:

Communication for Retail Managers

Managing Your Retail Employees

FREE! Retail Math

... and many more on! Come on by and check it out!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Dress for Success - A Women's Guide Course on!

Your clothes are the first thing people notice about you and the last thing they forget. If you aren't dressed to impress, it'll be even harder to find success! For women, this is an especially elusive goal, since we can't get by on the cut and dry shirt-and-tie wardrobe that will do for men in the office. If you're having trouble finding appropriate work attire, or just looking for a little advice, has the course for you!

Dress for Success - A Women's Guide
Complete with tips and tricks, this course gives you all the information you need to present yourself in a pleasing and professional manner without losing your personal style or succumbing to your little imperfections. In addition to advice about accessories and color, there are also cut and design suggestions for all body types and shapes.

Even if you are comfortable with your work attire, there's sure to be a few tips you've never heard before. This informative course from MarthaWare is going for the summer price of only $4.95 from! At that price, who could resist?

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

New FREE business courses on!

This week, on of our course providers, author and promotional expert, Manesh Baxi, has launched a pair of new FREE courses designed to help you get referrals and call attention to yourself in the world of business! There's no excuse not to try these FREE business courses on!

FREE! 7 Ways To Be Recognized As An Expert (FREE CD)
Positioning yourself as an expert in your field is a good way to earn respect and call attention to your product or service. From the author of one of's popular courses, 7 Ways To Be Recognized As An Expert provides easy-to-implement suggestions that you can use to set yourself up for success. Click on the course title above to learn more!

FREE! Get Others To Promote You For FREE
One of the easiest and most effective ways to promote your product or service is to get others to do it for you! Clients and referral partners are an integral part of this equation. For tips and techniques on how to cultivate this aspect of promotion, simply click on the course title link above.

We hope you enjoy acquiring the tools to help you succeed in your business endeavors from!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Announcing Latitude's Course Evalutation and Review and Capabilities

All Courses offered on may now be evaluated by any Member who has taken the course to be shared with all the other Members of LatitudeU who may be interested in taking those courses. This capability provides a continuously updated review of all materials presented on LatitudeU by a completely independent body of reviewers, The Members of LatitudeU.

All materials may be evaluated both in quantitative terms (zero to five Stars) and Qualitative terms (written commentary by any Member on any course). As such, the Membership of LatitudeU now becomes the source of Quality Assurance of the ever expanding population of Courses in the LatitudeU Catalog. Members can take a look at both the composite rating of a course, as well as detailed ratings and reviews by other Members before investing time and money in obtaining and taking a course. This will allow our Members to effectively “police” the quality of the content provided. Great courses will rise to the top and less than wonderful courses will not receive much further attention. Like any media, this provides an enhancement to natural selection.

We are counting on the active participation and integrity of our entire Member population to provide fair and reasonable evaluations. The Management of LatitudeU will provide sufficient oversight to make sure that this review system is being used properly. It is particularly important that paid courses are reviewed to help others determine the appropriateness of spending money on those courses.

Every Member’s individual contributions to these evaluations and reviews become a meaningful part of the fabric of community contributions that serves all other members of LatitudeU. So we do not just welcome course reviews but we want to strongly urge every Member to take a couple of minutes after they complete a course and provide their feedback:

Additionally, every Member taking a course has the ready ability to provide direct feedback to the Provider of that material through the Contact Me button on the Instructor’s Profile. Members can get there by clicking on the Instructor’s Member ID in several locations on LatitudeU.

To learn more about the review feature, read the LatitudeU wiki.

Retail Management Course NEW on!

Do you know what you need to know to maximize the potential of your retail business? One of the most difficult and rewarding of the retail manager's projects is employee relations. If you want advice on how best to manage your employees for the retail sector, this course is for you.

Managing Your Retail Employees
When you work in retail you face lots of challenges, andone of them is managing your own employees. In any workplace there is a variety of cultures, ages, education, personalities and goals. You have employees who love to sell and those who could not find any other job and ended up in retail. You will find college students that just want some extra money to have fun and you
will find family heads who have to support maybe 3 or 4. That’s retail. So, how can you manage your employees to sell and deliver incredible customer service? Take this course and find out!

There are not many places where you can find information like this from such a qualified source like our course provider MarthaWare, so take ahold of this great opportunity to learn on!

Great Value C# Course! Less than $10 for nearly 400 pages of information!!

Programming can be tough, so why not make it easier by taking a course through! This course is from one of our course providers NavyaTechnologies, which brought us numerous other indespensible computer courses.

$0.99 $10 C#
This course is devoted to C#. If you are a C++ or a Java programmer you would find lot of things similar when you take a first look at C# code, except that it is a lot easier than C++ and Java. Almost 400 pages in length. Pdf format.

If you are interested, just click the links above to go to the NavyaTechnologies page or to the course C#!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Working on your management skills? LatitudeU has the course for you!

One of our online course providers, Bander Group, has created this wonderfully useful set of steps to help direct you down the path to managerial greatness. Using their accumulated experience, the course creators from Bander Group have really outdone themselves this time.

FREE! 10 Steps to Becoming a Great Manager
This course provides 10 instructional steps to help you learn the art of management. As a quick read, or an indespensible handbook, every manager (or aspiring-manager) should take this free course!

Summer is a good time to hone your skills while everyone else is playing in the sun. But who says learning can't be fun! Have a good time this summer accumulating the tools for your trade at!