Thursday, July 10, 2008

Dress for Success - A Women's Guide Course on!

Your clothes are the first thing people notice about you and the last thing they forget. If you aren't dressed to impress, it'll be even harder to find success! For women, this is an especially elusive goal, since we can't get by on the cut and dry shirt-and-tie wardrobe that will do for men in the office. If you're having trouble finding appropriate work attire, or just looking for a little advice, has the course for you!

Dress for Success - A Women's Guide
Complete with tips and tricks, this course gives you all the information you need to present yourself in a pleasing and professional manner without losing your personal style or succumbing to your little imperfections. In addition to advice about accessories and color, there are also cut and design suggestions for all body types and shapes.

Even if you are comfortable with your work attire, there's sure to be a few tips you've never heard before. This informative course from MarthaWare is going for the summer price of only $4.95 from! At that price, who could resist?

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