Thursday, July 3, 2008

Announcing Latitude's Course Evalutation and Review and Capabilities

All Courses offered on may now be evaluated by any Member who has taken the course to be shared with all the other Members of LatitudeU who may be interested in taking those courses. This capability provides a continuously updated review of all materials presented on LatitudeU by a completely independent body of reviewers, The Members of LatitudeU.

All materials may be evaluated both in quantitative terms (zero to five Stars) and Qualitative terms (written commentary by any Member on any course). As such, the Membership of LatitudeU now becomes the source of Quality Assurance of the ever expanding population of Courses in the LatitudeU Catalog. Members can take a look at both the composite rating of a course, as well as detailed ratings and reviews by other Members before investing time and money in obtaining and taking a course. This will allow our Members to effectively “police” the quality of the content provided. Great courses will rise to the top and less than wonderful courses will not receive much further attention. Like any media, this provides an enhancement to natural selection.

We are counting on the active participation and integrity of our entire Member population to provide fair and reasonable evaluations. The Management of LatitudeU will provide sufficient oversight to make sure that this review system is being used properly. It is particularly important that paid courses are reviewed to help others determine the appropriateness of spending money on those courses.

Every Member’s individual contributions to these evaluations and reviews become a meaningful part of the fabric of community contributions that serves all other members of LatitudeU. So we do not just welcome course reviews but we want to strongly urge every Member to take a couple of minutes after they complete a course and provide their feedback:

Additionally, every Member taking a course has the ready ability to provide direct feedback to the Provider of that material through the Contact Me button on the Instructor’s Profile. Members can get there by clicking on the Instructor’s Member ID in several locations on LatitudeU.

To learn more about the review feature, read the LatitudeU wiki.

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