Friday, May 28, 2010

Meet a Latitude Learning Training Partner: ComplianceOnline

ComplianceOnline. com is the leading portal and online community for governance, risk, compliance and quality. It is the trusted source for worldwide professionals seeking information, best practices, training, products and tools on corporate governance, risk management, regulatory compliance and quality management. ComplianceOnline. com information repository and services are integrated with MetricStream platform and applications to create a unique environment. Customers benefit from best practices content library and training programs that are accessible from within the applications. It also enables intelligent and content driven features such as triggering of business processes based on a regulatory notifications and industry alerts. Online & Offline Training: ComplianceOnline. com hosts numerous online & offline training programs for regulatory and compliance professionals through its unique community of expert trainers and compliance specialists. Regulatory Alerts: Compliance Alerts service enables ComplianceOnline. com members to monitor developing compliance-related news stories and keeping current on industry regulations. Best Practices: ComplianceOnline. com's rich content repository and library service aggregates best practices, articles, whitepapers, and information from numerous sources for easy access. Search: ComplianceOnline. com's specialized clustered search technology presents information in an organized manner that is simple to use and easy to consume. Store: ComplianceOnline. com is one of the largest repositories of compliance related products - from tools, templates, and books to published industry standards and training kits. Community: ComplianceOnline. com is the largest online community for compliance professionals where burning issues, new ideas, and best practices are shared and discussed. Regulations and Standards Trained On: - Banking and Financial Services - Biotechnology - Clinical Research - FDA Compliance - Green Compliance - HIPAA Compliance - HR Compliance - Laboratory Compliance - Medical Devices - Pharmaceutical - Quality and ISO 9000 Compliance - Risk Management - SEC Compliance

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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Meet a Latitude Learning Training Partner: BlueStreak Learning

BlueStreak Learning helps organizations start and grow technology-based training programs. We specialize in developing customer, member and business partner education, but we also will develop employee training.

Our clients are …

  • Professional and trade associations
  • Software and IT companies
  • Publishers
  • HR and Leadership consulting firms
  • Manufacturers
  • Christian ministries and other non-profits
  • Universities

We can help you with…

  • Training needs assessment
  • E-Learning strategy
  • Learning technology selection including Learning Management Systems (LMS), Web conferencing/Webinar platforms, and course authoring tools
  • Instructional design and development services, including Rapid E-Learning development
  • Evaluation services, including course surveys, online testing and professional certification

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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

LatitudeU Newsletter: SPHR (Senior Professional in Human Resources) Training and More!

LatitudeU offers all SPHR traning courses from the industry leading training provider - SkillSoft.

HRCI/SPHR Certification Program
SkillSoft has developed 7 courses that focus on HRCI's SPHR exam preparation.

What is HRCI?
The Human Resource Certification Institute (HRCI) is the credentialing affiliate of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), the world's largest association devoted to professional human resource management. HRCI works to define and maintain the HR body of knowledge, and offers assessments and certification of this knowledge. Human Resource certification demonstrates mastery of the HR body of knowledge and is widely accepted as a symbol of professional achievement.

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Save $10 on the Recruiting Successfully course
Offer Expires Midnight (USA Eastern Time) May 10, 2010.

Click here for the courseCourse Overview: The most significant challenge to the growth and survival of any business is finding and retaining qualified workers. With today's unemployment rate at such low levels, to say recruiting top talent is simply a "challenge" is an understatement. Most people charged with staffing their organizations feel as if they're in a knockdown battle for employees. The job of the recruiter is shifting from bringing job candidates and employers together into a sales and marketing function; the recruiter has to sell the company and the position. The successful recruiter is adapting to the new market and to the new ways of recruiting. In this course, you'll learn what it takes to be a successful recruiter in today's tight labor market.

Courses You Might Be Interested In

  1. Recruiting for the 21st Century: The Market
  2. Recruiting for the 21st Century: Strategies
  3. Recruiting Successfully
  4. Online Recruiting
  5. Facilitating Effective Hiring
  6. Retention

New Training Companies
Please join me in welcoming the following companies to the Training Company Directory:

  1. Glass Bead Consulting
  2. Husys Consulting
  3. HR Training University
  4. HR Anexi Pvt Ltd
  5. Corporate Communications

Need an LMS?

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