Friday, July 30, 2010

Your FREE COURSE Of The Day: Effective Project Management

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This free online course for project managers introduces the four phases of project management and includes an expected time worksheet. The primary challenge of project management is to achieve all of the project goals and objectives while honoring the project constraints. Typical constraints are scope, time and budget. The secondary—and more ambitious—challenge is to optimize the allocation and integration of inputs necessary to meet pre-defined objectives. A project is a carefully defined set of activities that use resources (money, people, materials, energy, space, provisions, communication, motivation, etc.) to achieve the project goals and objectives. this project management training course will help the student develop these skills.

Plenty of practice situations, drag-and-drop interactive choices, and feedback allow you to engage the concepts and remain fairly active throughout.

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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Six Sigma Courses in LatitudeU

Six Sigma Courses in LatitudeU

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LatitudeU now offers Six Sigma online courses from the industry leading training provider - SkillSoft.

What is the American Society for Quality?
The American Society for Quality (ASQ) is the world's leading authority on quality. With more than 100,000 individual and organizational members, this professional association advances learning, quality improvement, and knowledge exchange to improve business results, and to create better workplaces and communities worldwide.
What is Six Sigma?
Six Sigma is ASQ's systematic, rigorous and proven methodology focused on improving the quality of processes within an organization, and eliminating process defects. A successful implementation of these business improvement principles aligns all of a company's people, processes and energy around a common strategy and culture. Six Sigma Methodologies are applicable to organizations across the spectrum of industries, from manufacturing to service to healthcare.
Six Sigma Awareness
Successful Six Sigma implementations require a company-wide Six Sigma culture, with awareness and buy in from all employees in an organization. SkillSoft's Six Sigma introduction course is designed to help build a Six Sigma culture by introducing all employees in an organization to the foundation concepts of Six Sigma philosophy and process.