Monday, January 25, 2010

MCDST (Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Technician) Training in LatitudeU

LatitudeU offers training courses from the the industry leading training provider, SkillSoft, for MCDST certification

General Information
The Microsoft MCDST certification program provides validates skills in working with and supporting Microsoft products and technologies. The MCDST certification verifies your ability to successfully support end users and to successfully troubleshoot desktop environments running on the Microsoft Windows operating system.

Live Learning Certification Training Program
SkillSoft's Live Learning MCDST certification training program is designed and team-taught by our multiple-certified expers. Our expert instructors bring more than 30 years of real-world experience to class, ensuring students are prepared for their jobs in addition to being ready to pass their exams. The class content is delivered through engaging, interactive graphics; real-world scenarios; true-to-life simulations; and in-class demos on live gear. Live Learning classes provide unlimited attendance in any or all of the scheduled class sessions, on-demand access to all learning enrichments, plus these additional benefits during the 12-month term:

  • On-demand Access to Experts Encore recorded classes are immediately available and downloadable for anytime, anywhere access to experts.
  • Learning Resources printable, searchable classroom materials and online instructor class notes.
  • Hands-on Lab Simulations students are challenged with engaging exercises for perfect practice in a simulated network environment.
  • Mentoring access to qualified, expert mentors via chat and email for clarification and a deeper dive into the subject.

    Recommended Prerequisites
    Prior to beginning the MCDST certification program, learners should meet the following requirements:
  • Basic experience using a Microsoft Windows Operating system such as Microsoft Windows XP
  • A basic understanding of Microsoft Office applications and Microsoft Windows accessories, including Internet Explorer
  • Basic understanding of core operating system technologies including installation and configuration
  • A basic understanding of hardware components and their functions
  • A basic understanding of the major desktop components and interfaces, and their functions
  • A basic understanding of TCP/IP settings
  • How to use command-line utilities to manage the operating system
  • A basic understanding of technologies available for establishing Internet connectivity

    Training Path Steps
    Course 1: Supporting Microsoft Windows XP Client Operating Systems
    Exam 1: 70-271
    Course 2: Supporting and Troubleshooting Applications on Microsoft Windows XP
    Exam 2:70-272

    MCDST Certified

    Recertification Information
    Recertification is not necessary. This certification will remain valid until mainstream support for the related technology retires.

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