Monday, October 11, 2010

LatitudeU News: LatitudeU Partner Prism Learning Solutions Drives Leadership and Organization Development

LatitudeU is pleased to spotlight its partner Prism Learning Solutions, now in its 20th year helping firms select, refine and implement appropriate change strategies.

Headquartered in southeast Michigan, Prism has extensive expertise in a variety of industries, including banking & service, automotive & manufacturing, utilities, government & education, as well as oil and gas production. It offers its clients:
  • A unique approach that drives integrated change planning across the people, processes and technology components of an organization.
  • A systematic, disciplined and flexble process to expedite organizational change across a wide-range of competitive situations.
  • Tools to measurably accelerate the work done in teams.
  • A full array of supporting services, including award-winning leadership training, consulting/facilitation and project management oversight.

Prism collaborates with Latitude via the LatitudeU Partner Program, allowing Prism's clients to quickly load and deploy training content, whether it be for internal employees or external customers.

Learn more about how Prism is aligning with LatitudeU's unique peer-to-peer platform for both internal and external training needs by visiting their Training Store at, or learn more about the LatitudeU Partner Program at

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