Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Lectora Inspire Review: User Satisfaction Positive

Lectora Inspire Satisfaction Meter

Lectora Inspire

User Satisfaction Index: 3

In our latest User Satisfaction Survey we took a look at another eLearning authoring tool, Lectora Inspire.  As usual, we asked professionals like yourself, what they think of the software and it's features.  Cincinnati based Lectora publishes a suite of eLearning related products for a variety of users.  Ease of use, flexibility and an intuitive user interface are touted as key benefits.  We received dozens of responses and have carefully analyzed the results. We found that as our exclusive "User Satisfaction Meter" indicates, the overall rating of 3 suggests somewhat positive overall user satisfaction. Many Lectora users noted how powerful and flexible the software is for authoring e-learning courses. However, most of the negative feedback focused on the steep learning curve when using advanced features of the tool.

How They Rate Lectora Inspire

Lectora received an average overall rating of 8.2 from respondents, where 0 is "Not at all likely to recommend it" and 10 is "Extremely likely to recommend it".  32% of respondents gave Lectora a rating of 6 or less. 34% of respondents gave Lectora a rating or 7 or 8, while 34% of respondents gave Lectora a rating of 9 or 10.

What They Like about Lectora Inspire

Overall people liked the software's flexibility and feature set, with many saying that while Lectora allows them to work intuitively, the product can still incorporate more advanced functions as necessary.  Among the comments we received:

"The software is fairly intuitive."
"Great balance of ease-of-use and power."
"Very useful and intuitive."

What They Don't like about Lectora Inspire

There were very few negative comments about Lectora Inspire. In fact we didn't receive any negative comments about the features and usability of Inspire.  The most common reason people gave for giving Lectora Inspire a low rating is that they preferred another elearning authoring tool.  Among the comments we received:

"i like Storyline."
"Lots of features for building elearning, but the learning curve is a bit high"

When They Recommend Lectora Inspire

Even though Lectora was touted as intuitive and powerful, it appears to be suited towards professional instructional designers rather than novice course developers.  Among the comments we received:

"Lectora caters to a wide audience, from novice to expert. It is an excellent and diverse tool"
"I think it is a good site for getting professional development courses"

User Satisfaction Index Calculation

The User Satisfaction Index measures overall user satisfaction based on survey responses. The User Satisfaction Index ranges from -100 to 100, where -100 represents total user dissatisfaction and 100 represents total user satisfaction. A User Satisfaction Index of 0 represents neutral or split user satisfaction. The User Satisfaction Index is calculated by taking the percentage of survey responses with a "9" or "10" and subtracting the percentage of survey responses with a "6" or less.

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