Friday, September 25, 2009

Meet an eLearning Publisher: Max Impact

Rick Weaver is CEO of Max Impact, a leadership and strategy development company in Rochester Hills, Michigan, and President of MBC GLobal, an international cultural education organization. Rick published several articles prior to writing his first book, “Life’s Leadership Lessons”. His desire was to fill a vast leadership void in today’s business world by showing how the people, things, and events of each person’s life present lessons that can improve our leadership abilities. Rick’s articles include “Are You Tired of Hiring Other People’s Rejects”, “The Myth of Undercapitalization”, “Why We Have So Many Problem People in the Workplace”, and “You’re Not Running a Vineyard, so Stop Your Whining.” His articles have appeared in Barcode & RFID Guide, The Business Edge, The Qualiteer, Rotary International, She Unlimited, and V Bulletin. He is also a platinum author for Rick is an accomplished business executive with 28 years of experience in retail, market analysis, supply chain enhancement, project management, team building, and process improvement. During the last decade Rick has worked with hundreds of companies and organizations, Rick has become an expert on people skills, especially relative to the generational issues now facing employers. Rick’s presentation style of blending humor, real life examples, and easy to implement ideas has made him a popular speaker at seminars, workshops, and conferences in 43 states, Canada, and Puerto Rico.

Products/Services Provided: Home Study Programs, Instructor Led Training, Instructional Designer, Training Consultant
Subjects: Teamwork, Leadership, Strategy, Life, Communication, Team Building, Author, Generation, Culture, Multiculture

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