Thursday, September 24, 2009

Meet an eLearning Publisher: SkillSoft

SkillSoft is a leading provider of on-demand e-learning and performance support solutions for global enterprises, government, education and small- to medium-size businesses.

SkillSoft is committed to helping its customers achieve connected learning; the ability to align learning with strategic business objectives and learner needs. In order to achieve connected learning, SkillSoft provides a comprehensive offering of high quality learning content Technologies to leverage, extend and enhance the value of content Services to support our customers’ long term success

SkillSoft's mission is to maximize business performance by providing learning and performance support solutions that connect corporate strategy and individuals. SkillSoft's solutions are designed to support all levels of the organization and can easily be adapted to meet strategic business initiatives, on demand information needs and individual job roles.

In addition to being an industry leader in supporting standards and integrating with other suppliers, SkillSoft has a deep commitment to customer satisfaction and a strong record of execution.

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