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LatitudeU Newsletter - November 30, 2006

What's New on LatitudeU

New FAQ from Members
Why am I not able to launch a course in LatitudeU?
The most common cause for this is the local Java Runtime Environment. Please download and install the same from the link below and try launching the course again in a new browser window.


If you still face problems after the installation, please contact us at support@latitudeu.com. Please provide your browser name and version and the operating system you are on. This will help us identify and rectify the issue you are facing.

Offer Expires Midnight (EST) December 14, 2009.
Click here for the courseCourse Overview: Projects rarely go according to plan, and any deviations need to be strictly controlled. Requirements management does this through vigilant tracking techniques, and through consistent and planned communications with stakeholders. This course provides an overview of managing solution scope and requirements using techniques like baselining and problem tracking as prescribed in A Guide to the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge® (BABOK® Guide) – Version 2.0 by the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA®). This course also covers maintaining and preparing requirements with a requirements package, and communicating requirements through requirements workshops and structured walkthroughs. This course provides a foundational knowledge base of business analysis information so learners can effectively put principles to work at their own organizations. This course will assist in preparing the learner for the IIBA®’s Certified Business Analysis Professional™ (CBAP®) certification exam.IIBA®, the IIBA® logo, BABOK® and Business Analysis Body of Knowledge® are registered trademarks owned by International Institute of Business Analysis.
New Features and Functions
Several course categories are now shown on the LatitudeU home page for your easy reference. Please look for the 'Browse Courses by Category' section on the home page before you log in.

New Courses
The following courses have been recently added to the LatitudeU Course Catalog:

New Training Companies
Please join me in welcoming the following companies to the Training Company Directory:
  1. CDRC Job Training
  2. Networlding
  3. Career by Choice
  4. 360 Vision Training & Consulting
  5. Startup Sales Mentor

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