Friday, December 11, 2009

Free Course of the Day: Introduction to Online Business Networking

Are you and your organization prepared to engage The Relationship Economy? It’s time to Stake your claim! This FREE course is complete in every way, and can be distinguished from other Link To Your Education courses only by looking at the price. Our team has designed a thought-provoking, message-retaining program to enhance your experience and help you process several of the foundational principles in this introductory course. This is the introductory module for the course designed to accompany Teten & Allen's "The Virtual Handshake." To download a free e-book or purchase the paperback, please visit Take our introductory class to get a feel for what we have in store for you! Do you want to engage the social networking communities and find the business opportunities? This program was designed for you! Our team specializes in simplifying the process of venturing into uncharted territory by providing step-by-step directions. You will have direct access to our team for questions along the way. You will see success at every step as you apply what you have learned and build on previous learning modules. Make sure to follow up this course with Module 1 - Know Thy Virtual Self

Key Concepts:
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Course Appears in these Categories:
Business Skills >> Consulting Skills
Business Skills >> Marketing
Business Skills >> Sales
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