Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Free Course of the Day: Fundamentals of Negotiations

SPECIAL OFFER -- When this course was originally presented it cost $1,950.00. You can see the entire 90 minute video of this for FREE!!! This 90 minute Video is from a live seminar provided by David Burta of ProVent Associates to TRW's Information Technology Human Resources Management. It uses the skill area of Negotiations as the basis for examining how individuals and organizations can systematically design, implement, assess and continuously improve Core Competencies and Skills in Negotiating. Models and business examples are provided along with some very specific paradigms and practices in the area of Negotiations Skills and Competencies.

Once this course (or any course) has been obtained it can be used by the member as many times as they would like. So take advantage of and lock in the FREE offering . This course was rated 5 Stars by the H/R management of TRW and complete 3 day Negotiations Workshop averaged 4.8 on 5.0 scale for over 7,000 students in IT and Consulting businesses.

Key Concepts: Competency Development, Competencies, Skills, Staff Development, Negotiations, Conflict Management, Consulting Skills, Communications, Free Courses

Course Appears in these Categories:
Business Skills >> Communication
Business Skills >> Consulting Skills
Business Skills >> Project Management
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