Monday, October 19, 2009

Free Course of the Day: eading People for Quality Results - Introduction

This free online course is a guide that will assist you in accomplishing the most common tasks associated with managing and supervising. Tasks like

* Providing Corrective Feedback
* Enhancing Average Performance
* Living within the Rules
* Conducting Effective Meetings and so on.

The course starts with what clients have told us are the most critical modules with a couple of bonus modules.

* Coaching and Resume tips. Our intention is to expand our offering in the coming weeks and months.

Key Concepts:
Management Skills

Course Appears in these Categories:
Planning and Managing Project Human Resources Simulation
Core PMI® Values and Ethical Standards
Project Communications Management Simulation
Communications Planning and Information Distribution
Performance Reporting and Stakeholder Management
Planning and Identifying Project Risk
Analyzing Project Risk
Responding to and Controlling Project Risk
Project Procurement Management Simulation
Planning Project Procurement and Requesting Seller Responses
Choosing Sellers and Administering and Closing Contracts

Click here for Leading People for Quality Results - Introduction

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