Thursday, October 29, 2009

Meet an eLearning Publisher: Minexh Baxi

There is no doubt about it - winning teams and successful individuals have strong, innovative coaches who know how to weave the brightest people and ideas together into a cohesive, electrified whole. Minesh Baxi does work he truly loves- inspiring people to take a fresh look at their own dreams, and to question the assumption that they cannot make them real. He is committed to encouraging people to believe in themselves, and stands as an energetic, enthusiatic & inspirational coach for individuals, businesses and organizations. Having learned the importance of proactive thinking firsthand when a major corporation laid off many of its employees, Minesh has shared his experiences and practices with business professional, corporations and charity organizations for over 5 years. A specialist in Marketing and Goal-achieveing strategies, Minesh is eagerly sought to speak on various topics such as: Creating Enthusiasm in Your Organization, High Achievement Goal Setting, From Vision To Reality, Get Clients Now, Healthy Living Starts with Loving Relationships. Proactive Thinking + Personal Growth = SUCCESS.

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