Thursday, October 1, 2009

Meet an eLearning Publisher: Chart Learning Solutions

Chart Learning Solutions delivers high-impact performance results that train & retain sales, customer service, and leadership talent. Through our unique blended solution, we build a culture of continuous improvement, common language, guarantee accountability, and foster meaningful dialogues between employees and managers to ensure skills and behaviors meet business objectives.

How MAPs™ Benefit Your Organization:

  1. Blended Learning System Instills a culture of continuous learning and results-driven improvement as a consistent part of on-going learning initiatives in sales, service, and/or leadership
  2. Coaching Helps employer and employee identify and overcome performance and work satisfaction obstacles, guarantees accountability through Coach/Learner meetings
  3. Accountability Measures skill gaps with Inventory Assessments, Managed Accountability Plans, Application Activities, quizzes, and monthly Coach/Learner evaluation
  4. Convenience MAPs delivered through the internet, accessible 24 hours a day, 365 days a week, eliminating travel expenses and down-time
  5. Innovative Technology Interactive audio-graphic tutorials, interactive paperless Application Activities, cross-functional learning communities, coaching scheduler, and progress reports

How MAPs Resolve Common Performance Issues

  • Creates a common language and continuous process for driving results by eliminating duplicate efforts or hit and miss “spot” training approaches
  • Integrates divergent resources into one organized plan, increasing accountability, transfer of learning, learner retention, and enhancing peak performance
  • Creates consistency in team evaluation, progress reports, and performance results • Maximizes efficiency by significantly reducing training time and costs
  • Reaches unlimited learners in multiple locations through web-based MAPs
  • Stabilizes training efforts with a proven producer development system

  • Streamlines approaches to sales management, eliminating inefficiency, and duplication of effort. Wasted time is virtually eliminated.

  • Accelerates the speed of ramping-up productivity for all producers, resulting in a faster, guaranteed ROI. It is impossible for anyone to
    “fall through the cracks.” This system enables complete transparency of
    learning. Best of all, everyone earns an “A.”

Products/Services Provided: eLearning Subjects: sales, customer service, leadership, blended learning, elearning, Learning Management System, accountability

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